Are You a Victim ?

It goes without saying, no one should stay in an abusive relationship and should leave, but it also goes without saying that it's easier said than done.

I know, I speak from experience.

There are many kinds of abuse, the most common, physical is easy to see, but the more subtle kinds are less obvious.

You may already know you are in an abusive relationship, but choose to ignore it, put it down to 'mood swings' etc., and generally be in denial, but you may not realise what is happening to you.

Does your spouse ignore you, constantly shout at you, belittle you in public, make fun of you, doesn't notice if you are unwell, or in need of support and understanding ?  does he leave you feeling alone and neglected at the times in your life when you need the most support ?  does he show complete lack of respect and treat you like dirt ?  all these are signs of an abusive relationship.

You may decide you can put up with one or two of these things, (well no-one is perfect !)  but if you have them all, then your relationship is in trouble.

Do you take responsibility for everything ?  do you have to solve all day to day problems alone ?  is he 'away with the fairies' most of the time ?  then he has already emotionally checked out of your relationship, and it's time you started thinking of yourself and your children's future - is this what you want ?  are you content ?  are your needs being met ?   Only you can answer these questions and know if  'Enough is Enough'.

The purpose of my book is to reassure you that you CAN leave this toxic relationship, with the right advice, information and support, you can regain your life and move forward.

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