Saturday, 3 May 2014


'Enough is Enough' is the title of the ebook I have written from personal and painful experiences over the years.

I am a survivor, I have survived and escaped the hell of an abusive relationship (twice!) so know it can be done, and I know what I'm talking about. 

The first time was with three small children, and the second time I was alone.

If you are in an abusive/unhappy relationship, this book could help you to reclaim your life and move forward.

The book is now available for immediate download - the link is in the right hand sidebar.

In the meantime, these songs are for all of us who know the hell of living in an abusive relationship.  I hope you draw strength from them.

Buffy Lawson wrote the first one from her own experiences, and afterwards several domestic violence organizations teamed up to make this song their anthem. 

If you need inspiration ladies - this is it !

 'Don't let any man treat you bad' - Buffy Lawson.

and if you need more - try this one

The fact that you have landed on this page means that you are in an unhappy and/or abusive relationship and are looking for a way out.  You know you need to leave to save your sanity, indeed your life.  You’ve tried everything you can to save or heal the marriage, but your partner just isn’t interested or just doesn’t care.  He has already emotionally checked out.

You feel alone and lonely, you need to do something, but what?  which way do you turn? who do you turn to?  who do you trust?  who can you trust ?
All perfectly reasonable  questions, but right now you are not  thinking clearly, and are not in the right emotional or rational state of mind to seek out the answers.  You are tired, you are drained, you are done!
You feel unwanted, unloved, neglected.  Your soul is crushed and your spirit destroyed.
I have lived through this situation, twice, I know and feel your pain, I can help and advise you how to leave this life-threatening situation, for make no mistake,  that is what it is.
I am a lady of a ‘certain age’ I have dealt with this when I was younger, with three small children to consider, and again in later life when there was just myself,  it was still hard, but not impossible, and I survived to tell the tale.
All my advice and help comes from personal experiences, NOT from books, or the internet.  I WILL NOT expect you to part with your much needed money and then tell you to seek counselling, consult your local church, vicar or marriage guidance.  (By all means do these things if you think it will help, but I’m assuming you’ve done all that and nothing has changed, and you are now turning your thoughts to leaving).
Clearly you are well past those things, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.
I am not a counsellor, I am a woman with first hand experience and  knowledge of this subject.  I have been through everything I write about, not only bought the T-shirt, but worn it out !
Whether you are a young Mum or an ‘empty nester’ or somewhere in-between, I can offer help and guidance.  My advice is down to earth, practical and most importantly, ‘do-able’.
My e-book is written in a no-nonsense, plain speaking style, nothing is ‘wrapped up’ or sanitized.  The situation you are in right now needs to be addressed and met ‘head on’ in order for you to understand if this is the route you wish to take.
I start by telling you how to recognise different types of abuse, and go through to advising you how to start compiling  and implementing your plan to escape, with an extra section on how to earn much needed money.  There will be steps you can take immediately to put your plan into action.
It’s not just a matter of packing a bag and walking out the door …. there’s more to it than that, especially if you have children.   If your husband is violent, you must also consider your safety and that of your children.  There are  also legal issues to consider.
In compiling this book it has been my wish to help others who find themselves in such an unhappy situation, it is my hope that I can not only help them to see through the fog of problems but also guide them through it all and to cut out much time trying to source information, facts and advice.
You may read the book and decide that you haven't reached the end of the road yet.  Breaking up a marriage and family is not to be taken lightly and all steps should be taken to make sure you are doing the right thing.
Only you can decide ...